Why I Write Science Fiction

It sounds a bit counterintuitive but Science Fiction gives a writer far more freedom to explore the human condition than traditional fiction novels. When one can create environments, antagonists and protagonists without any limitations the possibilities are endless. I jumped into a career as a science fiction novelist after forty years in software and theContinue reading “Why I Write Science Fiction”

Time Travel as a Foil for Fiction Writers

Time travel has been used by science fiction and alternate history writers to drive their stories for well over a hundred years. Most trace the start to HG Wells 1895 novel, “The Time Machine”. However, in that one the protagonist ventured into the future, observing the changes mankind wrought upon themselves. Most time travel storiesContinue reading “Time Travel as a Foil for Fiction Writers”

Getting Creative Juices Flowing to Write Science Fiction Novels

A fiction writer needs to have a unique, entertaining tale to spin where readers become enmeshed in the world they create, and not bored with an all too predictable plot and uninspiring characters. If you can convince your readers to laugh and cry along with your protagonist’s misadventures you have a successful novel. Writing booksContinue reading “Getting Creative Juices Flowing to Write Science Fiction Novels”

Starting a Second Career as a Novelist

After forty years in software and the digital electronics industry, I jumped into a new career as a science fiction novelist about five years ago. Prospective writers contemplating a similar move could find some of my insights useful. No one could possibly start at ground zero more than me. Although I hold master degrees inContinue reading “Starting a Second Career as a Novelist”